Far From Heaven
Cherrie Lynn
Paranormal romance
Samhain Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-60928-432-9
April 2011

Madeleine Dean was an old soul. Even though chronologically she was only twenty five, her soul had existed for hundreds of years. Ashemnon had been trying to capture Maddie’s soul through several incarnations and now he finally had it under contract. Maddie was instantly attracted to the handsome stranger who had saved her from certain death. Not many good things happened to Maddie, so when her savior Ash seemed as taken with her as she was with him, she thought maybe her luck was turning. Ash wasn’t sure why he had saved Maddie’s life when he intended to take it, but that hesitation may cost him not only Maddie’s soul but his heart as well.

It took a little while for me to become invested in this book. I just wasn’t sure I could see Ash as hero worthy. His character did evolve and the story did eventually peak my interest because it was a well written story. I wish the reason for Ash’s obsession with Madeleine had been made a bit more clear, especially since it was her soul’s ability to love the unlovable that eventually freed them both from hell’s clutches. The author did an excellent job of crafting some truly scary psychological terrors throughout the story. I enjoyed the horror aspect of the book probably more than the romantic side because it just gelled more with what I knew of the characters. Not to say that Far From Heaven didn’t have it’s sexy moments, because it really did. Ash was a horny demon (literally) after al l. In fact, Maddie and Ash do the down and dirty less than an hour after first meeting. This was a good, quick read and perfect for maybe an hour or two of lying on the beach.

Overall rating: 3 hearts
Sensuality: Very Sensual
Reviewer: Wendy Mitchell