The Marriage Makeover
Eva Scott
Contemporary romance
Musa Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-61937-533-8
May 2013

After the death of their baby daughter from SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), the Carmichaels’ marriage fell apart and Talia moved to Melbourne to escape her pain, leaving her husband Nick behind.

Now though, six years have passed, and Talia is heading back to ask her husband for a divorce. However, Nick isn’t as willing to let her go as she is to get rid of him so he formulates a plan for her to stay. If only to show her what she’s missing, which will hopefully help him to win her back.

The plot of this story was great, though it was also a little scary for all parents that fear the loss of a child so young. As a mother, I could understand why Talia would rather leave everything behind, but at the same time, I thought she was a little selfish leaving her husband with his own grief instead of them helping each other cope with it. The dialogue of this story was also great, though very sad that I had tears in my eyes on several occasions. Also, I love where this story was set on the Sunshine Coast. It’s a great place to live. The sex scenes between Nick and Talia were extremely passionate and showed how much they still loved each other. Then again, they were high school sweethearts, so there was no way their love for each other could extinguish so easily. What I loved so much about the hero was that he wanted a second chance and would do everything to prove to the heroine that she was worth it, even when she wasn’t quite so willing to give him another chance. While with Talia, I enjoyed her strength and how she allowed Nick back into her life after everything went awry, although it seemed that Nick didn’t trust her.

Overall, I enjoyed this story and would recommend it to those that loves a heartbroken hero and heroine willing to do anything, even bribing the other one to get a second chance at love.

Overall Rating: 4hearts
Sensuality Rating: Very Sensual
Reviewer: Bec