A Touch to Remember
Rebecca Minto
Historical romance
Eternal Press
ISBN: 978-­1-­61572-­790-­2
November 2012

Lady Annalise always followed the rules — until she killed someone to protect her brother and her best friend from being murdered. Months later after the terrible tragedy, she suffers nightmares and to make her life more of a misery, her brother is sending her away to London for the season in order for her to find a husband.

Elliot Morton has had his eye on Lady Annalise for quite some time. It’s just too bad she won’t give him the time of day to prove himself worthy of her. The only real choice he has is to be keep showing up, hoping being in his presence will wear her down.

The plot of this story was amazing. I couldn’t stop reading until I got right to the end once Annalise’s brother forced her to go to London because he’s concerned about her and doesn’t know what else to do with her. The dialogue was great and not just between the hero and heroine but also with the secondary characters. Moreover, I especially enjoyed the way the hero teased the heroine to snap her out of whatever was going on with her to make her sad. The sex scenes were hot and revealed the vast chemistry these two had. What I liked so much about Annalise was the way she handled things under pressure, especially when she realised she had no choice but to follow her brother’s orders for her to go to London for the season. While with Elliot, I liked that he didn’t give up on pursuing Annalise, although she gave him every reason to with how nasty she was towards him.

Overall, Ms. Minto has done a marvelous job penning this novel and reading this one has made me eager to read any other works that this author has already written.

Overall Rating: 5hearts
Sensuality Rating: Very Sensual
Reviewer: Bec