Viola Grace
Paranormal romance
Extasy Books
ISBN: 978-1-77111-640-4
August 1, 2013

This is the sixty-seventh book in the Terran Times series. As my usual review intro yes, I’ve read them all. They do not need to be read in order, however, I recommend reading Destined (which is the fifty-eighth book in the series) and Gadget (the sixty-fourth book of the series) before this one.

Just so you know, Gaze is part of a group of five women who all had some sort of health issues on earth. They signed up because the Nyal Imperium was willing to take them in exchange for being experiments of a sort. The ladies had electronics added to their bodies. They’re not robots and not quite cyborgs. Also, the ships they pilot are sentient, made with some of their DNA. Gaze was born blind, so her time on Earth wasn’t very fun. She was fixed up with every optic bell and whistle we can imagine and her ship is the Blue Fairy. Anyway, dispatch sends her to pick up a Guardian, Shiver, he’s a Nishan. We met Nishans in other stories from Ms. Grace like Wrapped in Starlight (the tenth Tales Of The Citadel) and Hard Hearted (the seventeenth Sector Guard). Yes, I’ve read all of those series too! Nishans seem to be made of star particles or something similar. They can choose their gender and change their shapes to whatever they want! Fun!

At the pick-up point, Gaze isn’t able to make any connection to the base he’s on and with her visual gifts and Blue Fairy, she is able to see that there are bodies on the ground and one standing. The one standing is Shiver and everyone down has some scary virus which needs medical attention like yesterday! As a Nishan, Shiver is immune to viruses and pesky things like that. Our girl Gaze manages to suit up, after calling for support of course, and hooks up water to the base to help Shiver out before help arrives. The funny part of it all is he asks her to leave her com open and the whole time she carries out her part she’s speaking with her ship. She is always using cute little names like honey-bunch… when Shiver and the base are decontaminated he is able to board and they leave to his next stop. A wedding! He’s needed to officiate a wedding on a planet full of empaths and the bride is basically his honorary daughter. Alright, not the bride, but one of the brides. It was so cool! This planet didn’t care about same gender, etc. They care about basically soul mates and no less than. And no, I will not launch into political discussions in this review. The wedding, the brides and the planet were just too good.

Shiver, besides being sort of a shifter and the Officiate, is also a Guardian Ambassador. While he and Gaze get along amazingly well, he has to convince Gaze to be his mate since he had to wheel and deal to convince her dispatcher to have her pick him up. I really like the two of them together, and I thought the smexy time was pretty hot! As I said earlier in this review, I have read many of Ms. Grace’s works. I have some favorites and some I thought were okay. This story is right up there as one of her best Terran Times! So far, out of the four Fairy Ships, Gaze and her Blue Fairy are my favorite! Yes, I really like Gadget, I reviewed it here at The Romance Studio, but I appreciate Ms. Grace’s ability to take a sensitive subject like two brides and treat it with love, respect and humor. And really, the Fairies amuse me when they speak to each other without their pilot’s knowledge and plot to get them mates. Yes, I’m smirking now, but I was laughing when I read that! I really cannot wait until the last Fairy is released! That would be Govern by the way.

Overall rating: 5hearts
Sensuality rating: Mildly Sensual
Reviewer: Teresa T.