Love Him or Leave Him
Sara Daniel
Romantic suspense
Entangled Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-62266-193-0
July 2013

High School sweethearts Connor O’Malley and Becca Sanders both believed they were inseparable, that nothing could tear them apart. Yet, it seems they were both wrong when rumours circulated through their small town, tearing their love for each other apart. Soon after their break-up, Connor joined the army and Becca stayed to care for her brother.

Now though, Connor is back in town and is the town sherriff, so Becca knows that she shouldn’t do anything to disturb the peace. However, when things start to happen and it seems someone is out to get Becca, both she and Connor find that they need to stick together if they have any chance at a future.

Ms. Daniel is a great author and has yet again proven it with this book. The plot was thoroughly enjoyable and well-written, flowing before my eyes that I didn’t even realise I was at the end so quickly until I was there. Connor and Becca definitely had their up and downs; just as any relationship does because no relationship is perfect. The dialogue was great and I loved Becca’s feisty nature when it came to some of her confrontations with Connor, especially the ones at the beginning. The sex scenes were hot, and just right where they were in the story because it showed how much they still loved each other, even if Becca was reluctant to give Connor another chance because it was his fault that they were ripped apart to begin with when he didn’t trust her. What I loved so much about both the hero and heroine was their willingness to forgive and possibly forget everything that happened in the past to be able to fight for their future.

Overall, this is another great book by this author and I can’t wait to read future books in this series.

Overall Rating: 5hearts
Sensuality Rating: Very Sensual
Reviewer: Bec