Finding Justice
Rachel Brimble
Romantic suspense
ISBN: 978-0-373-71835-1
February 2013

Cat Forrester is a good cop. But when her childhood friend is murdered, and another of her friends turns out to be the prime suspect, she promises to help Jay Garrett — a man that she once shared a very passionate moment with -– prove his innocence. Even if she has to break all the rules to do it.

Jay Garrett can’t believe he’s the prime suspect in the murder of a friend, so he turns to the one person he knows he can rely on to help him prove his innocence. However, there are some things in his past that Cat doesn’t approve of which could be his downfall and have her turning her back on him for good.

The plot of Finding Justice was well-written and had me lured in to reading the book from the very beginning until I found myself at the end without stopping for a break. Cat and Jay go through so much, battling the demons of their past to finding justice for their friend. The dialogue was great, and revealed their back stories exceptionally well. Jay with his less than stellar past when he’d found himself hooked on drugs and Cat with her mother’s addiction to alcohol. It’s like neither of them can fully escape their pasts to create the future that either of them want. The sex scenes were hot, and illustrated how much chemistry was between them still after all the years they hadn’t seen each other. What I liked so much about Cat was her ability to focus on the task at hand in finding justice for her friend without allowing Jay’s past to completely blindside her. While with Jay I liked that he pushed Cat to reveal her past, so he could learn why she was so disappointed in him when she learned of the nasty drug habit he used to have.

Overall, this book was a very enjoyable one which I would recommend to those that love this genre. Certainly, there was plenty of suspense with a romance that had been brewing for years and showed through the great sex scenes. Well done to this author for penning such a wonderful novel.

Overall Rating: 5hearts
Sensuality Rating: Very Sensual
Reviewer: Bec