Kiss Across Swords
Tracy Cooper-Posey
Paranormal romance
June 2013

Lovers, Taylor, Brody and Veris are back in Kiss Across Swords for another stunning and delightful adventure that is sure to have readers on the edge of their seats.

Living with her vampire lovers, Brody and Veris, and time-hopping across their personal history, Taylor has a life that is perfect. But things are about to change when she finds herself at the siege of Jerusalem during the first crusade. Veris doesn’t know her, Brody and Veris are strangers to each other; somehow Taylor must work with Brody to capture the attention of their man and peruse him using the customs of medieval England. But time is running out for the lovers… and the consequences could be very, very grave to the future of Taylor, Brody and Veris.

The very gifted pen of author Tracy Cooper-Posey sets the pages on fire with her hallmark sensuality and her promise of a powerful and sweeping story that seems to be made stronger by the intense emotions and passions of the characters. We see in Kiss Across Swords the paranormal genre comes alive in this authors hands almost as if the reader was watching each scene unfold right before their very eyes in Technicolor vision and enjoying every minute of the drama. The time-hopping transition from the present to the Veris and Brody’s past and back flows seamlessly never losing the reader’s attention or interest but presenting the reader with doses of rocketing suspense that is riveting and intriguing.

Well-drawn characters Taylor, Brody and Veris are some of my favorite characters to read about in quite a while. The bond between them has no boundaries; it’s strong, passionate and appealing for the reader to see. Taylor’s personality is bold and gusty yet tender and compassionate matching and challenging her perfectly with Brody and Veris’s temperaments. The tender seductive and smoking hot loving between the lovers will have the reader fanning themselves from the heat of the pages. The stunning conclusion will have the reader clamoring for the next book in this absolutely fantastic series.

This series should be part of everyone’s reader shelves! It is on mine!

Overall rating: 5hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Shannon