Bodyguards Of Pleasure
Melody Snow Monroe
ISBN: 978-1-62242-855-7
May 2013

Brook Armstrong couldn’t believe her life could change so much from one moment to the other. She loves owning her own business, but no one, least of all Brook, would claim that it’s high on the excitement scale. In fact, usually her big excitement is solving a customers’ tough computer issues. One glimpse of a murder taking place and suddenly her life is too full of excitement and very much in danger.

Gavin Kirkwood and Riley Landon were drawn to Brook when they went into her shop to buy computer equipment and knew that as soon as their new detective business is up and running, they’d approach her. However, as soon as Brook’s life is threatened, they knew that they were the perfect people to keep her safe. Plus having her in their house is the perfect chance to get to know her better, and maybe, just maybe, they can all explore their mutual desires. Gavin and Riley maybe have found the sub they’ve been looking for. But in order to start planning their life together, they all need to survive long enough to catch a murderer.

I really enjoyed this book. Ms. Monroe managed to write a book that to me had the perfect mix of hot sex, some really good BDSM scenes (that are on the mild side), action, mystery and character development. I loved that you actually got to know Brook, Gavin and Riley and I think that made the spicier scenes in the book even more enjoyable since I was so invested in the characters. But then again, with men like Gavin and Riley, how could the sex scenes not be the scorchers that they are. This is the eighth book in the Pleasure, Montana series, but the first book that I’ve read and I had absolutely no problem jumping into the series with this book, and I’m so glad that I did.

Overall rating: 5hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Amy Hopkins